A Modern Childcare Center Management System

All you need to manage & grow your business effectively.

Inquiry Management

Personnel Information System

Student Information System

Student Performance Management

Student Attendance Management

Fees Bill

Admission Process

Staff Attendance Management

Transportation Management

Information Management System

Communication with Parents

Accessibility 24/7

You can access your data at any time with an internet connection.

Affordable Solutions

Kids Care allows you to work at a small cost by using it on cloud computing without the need to use servers

Simple and easy to use

Kids Care program provides easy and simple display screens for users, which makes it the easiest program to deal with by departments and employees.

Additional Features

The Possibility of Modification

Kids Care not only provides a perfect user experience, but a completely personal experience. It is possible to change any sections or properties within the program according to the user's request.

Compatible with all Devices

Kids Care application is compatible with all devices regardless of their nature. You can work on windows, Mac or even UNIX machines. It can also be used on I-pad, I-phone or android devices without losing any information.

Real-time Availability of information

The Kids Care program enables you to work simultaneously with all the center's employees, which allows the management to issue immediate reports on the center.

Advanced Technology

Kids Care uses advanced technology to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for all users of the program, which saves time and increases employee productivity.

Mobile Application

To share child information with parents

The Kids Care program includes an easy and unique Application for parents to share daily papers. pictures, notifications, and educational information.

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